File Classification System

The classification system devised by the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) is composed of a three-part numerical code, e.g., 566-03-1526 and 466-HC-107.

The first part of the code represents the type of proceeding before the FPSLREB, e.g., 566 or 466, which identifies a grievance adjudication case.

The second part of the code identifies the employer. Each employer is assigned a number or letter designation, e.g., 02 for Treasury Board of Canada, or HC for the House of Commons.

The third part of the code is the chronological number assigned to that particular type of proceeding, e.g., 1526 is the 1526th adjudication case under the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act and 107 is the 107th case under the Parliamentary Employment and Staff Relations Act.

All decisions rendered by the FPSLREB are assigned a neutral citation number, e.g., 2017 FPSLREB 70.

File classification codes by type of proceeding