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For questions and concerns about this website, contact our Communications services at

For all inquiries, including hearing confirmation, mediation and media, please contact us using the information listed below.

Access of a case file before the Board:

If you would like to access a Board case file (i.e., the file containing the grievance, complaint, correspondence between parties, exhibits, etc.), the Board provides public access to these files, in accordance with the open court principle, which is explained in the Board’s Policy on Openness and Privacy. No fee is charged to access them.

You are not required to make an access to information or privacy request (ATIP) request to access a Board case file.

Please make your request to access a Board case file to

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP):

Please consult the ATIP request instructions available on the website of the Administrative Tribunal Support Service of Canada.

Labour Relations Matters

If you do not work for the federal government or one of its agencies, please view the list of provincial labour relations boards.

If you are a federal public servant and your concern does not fall under the jurisdiction of the FPSLREB, you may wish to contact one of these other federal organizations.

If you are not sure, please contact us and we will help direct you to the appropriate office.

Staffing Complaints

Prior to making any inquiry about the complaint process, we urge you to refer to the Staffing Complaint Procedural Guide.

Keep in mind that the FPSLREB is an independent and quasi-judicial body and as such is not in a position to give advice concerning staffing processes, HR procedures and grounds for complaints.